After a few months exploring and trying out different busy boxes for Noe, here is the round up of her busy boxes from her least favourite to the best! If you are trying to occupy your baby in the playpen, these are inexpensive ways. Just rotate the boxes every few days or every week, depending on your baby's interest :)

7. Balls

Noe has not much interest in balls. Maybe she's still too young for them. But she has 2 favourite small balls that she loves to hold and walk around with. Those were Nat's favourite too when he was young.

6. Stuffed Toys

I must  admit I was stereotyping my daughter a little. I thought she might like stuffed toys a lot because she's a girl. But lo and behold, she has not much attraction to them. Most of the time, she touches them and then runs away or just cringe when we hold them near to her.

5. Wooden Toys

Noe picked up block stacking rather fast even without me prompting her, she tried to stack blocks on her own. But alas the blocks always end up in her mouth, so maybe with my constant nagging at her to keep it out of the mouth, this busy box is not her favourite.

4. Musical Instruments

Noe definitely likes songs and singing, she even likes blowing into whistles! But musical instruments that require hitting, perhaps a little too advanced for her now? Will try to bring them out again when she is older.

3. Sensory Bottles and Boxes

Which kid can resist the sensory play? The colours, touch and sounds that come from the bottles and boxes are a sure hit! The colourful straws and glitter bottles are her favourites.

2. Random Lids and Kitchen Stuff

Basically, I rounded up empty bottles and lids, kitchen toys like bowls, or real utensils that I don't really use. Her brother loves playing this busy box with her in the playpen. Maybe that's why it's number 2 on her favourite list.

1. Books

Yes, my little gal is a avid bookworm! She loves reading so much like when her mommy was young. She can read by herself for about 15 minutes. But I really need to teach her to be more gentle with them as I've been repairing quite a few books with scotch tape already.


If you like my list, you will like @lemonlimeadv's 10 Baby Busy Boxes too because that is where I got the inspiration from :)


I think glow sticks are one of the most wonderful inventions of the world. They are used for practical reasons and they just make people happy, especially kids. Just a little trivia, have you ever wondered why we need to break the glow stick before we use it? This is because it is necessary to break the inner tube so as to allow the 2 chemicals inside to mix and produce a chemical reaction i.e. glow. But the major downside to glow sticks are that they are made of plastic, hence non biodegradable and the contents when released are harmful to the environment. I hope someone comes up with a good solution for this soon.


I believe it all started when I entered university, the way my personality developed. Let's just say I wasn't the typical student choosing the typical courses and doing the typical things. When I started work, I again avoided the mainstream path i.e. what other people expected me to be or do. Even into marriage and parenthood, WX and I made certain unpopular and out of the norm decisions. Sometimes it's hard to stick to those values and principles when your life seems to be very different from even your closest friends.  You tend to wonder if you're making the right choices and decisions.

I've a very rare personality type - perhaps that is why I always end up making the 'rare' decisions. I'm an INFJ, which makes up less than one percent of the population. And it seems the decisions I make always need to have a cause, and living up to my values and principles is important.

But that doesn't mean I don't get swayed. I got a little sidetracked recently. Thankfully, the good thing is the other half was there to direct my line of sight back to what we believe in and our togetherness as a family - and that has brought me back to what truly matters.



Recently I started a writing down all my favourite recipes down onto a notebook. Initially I thought I would go paperless and store the recipes digitally but it got too gross scrolling down the handphone with my icky fingers while cooking. As I started writing down the recipes, I got really nostalgic.

I miss homecooked food a lot, not my own homecooked food but somebody else cooking for me. After a long day from school or work, you don't have to think of what to eat or travel to buy food but when you reach home, there's hot piping food on the table waiting for you. One of the best cooks that have cooked a lot for me during my childhood is my Aunt J. 

During the school holidays, my cousins and I will camp out at our Aunties' house for a few days. Aunt XM would be in-charged of planning the holiday activities while Aunty J would be cooking all the yummy food. Aunt J is gifted at cooking. Even my mum tells me that when they were in secondary school, Aunt J would always bring back lots of yummy goodies that she cooked at school and my mum loved eating them.

Not only she is gifted at cooking, she always involved us in her baking sessions. She is ever so patient and taught us to bake cookies, pineapple tarts and sponge cakes. I always remember the special breakfast - pancakes! We will help to beat the pancake mixture. She teaches us to pour the mixture into the measuring cup so that we can pour the mixture easily onto the pan to form a round pancake. The pan was old-school, no nonstick but the simple black kind with a steel handle. We would make big ones, medium ones and mini pancakes! We ate them with the classic Songshan Winter Honey, yummy. On the kitchen table, her recipe book - a single lined exercise book with elegant cursive handwriting in blue ball point pen. That recipe book was so simple and yet is a wonderful treasure trove of recipes.

In recent years, Aunt J doesn't really cook much anymore but her cooking still inspires me to cook for my love ones, to be patient with the children when I involve them in cooking, to write down the recipes onto a notebook (although my handwriting is a bit atrocious). I do wonder if she still keeps that single lined exercise book. It's invaluable and priceless.

(Taken from www.noobcook.com)


My dearest Noe turned 1 year old in September. My prayer for her is that everyday is a celebration of life! We had simple party for her and we hope that everyone who came had been blessed.

I don't really invest in much decor because at the end of the day, it goes into the rubbish bin or into cold storage for a long time. From the same cloth leftover from making the DIY BRIDE-TO-BE SASH, I made a party garland for Noe's 1-year old party. My only gripe is that I made it too small because the wall was too bare and big.

The flowers that I made were recycled out of all those bouquet tissue that WX gave me over the years. Seriously those flower bouquet tissue are super long lasting and hardy and stiff and difficult to use for anything! That's why I had so much collected over the years and finally I could 'get rid' of them for something useful.



And what can entertain a 1  year old toddler? I didn't want to plan games because she wouldn't be able to play any of them and she's the star of the party. WX bought an outdoor sun tent recently on Qoo10 for a really budget price and we decided to set it up at the party. We then filled it with many of this mini water balloons (without filling them with water of course). It was the best self running game ever! Every kid of every age enjoyed the tent filled mini balloon. From challenging them to stick the balloons on their body with static electricity to just plain fooling around with them. Noe just loved sitting among the balloons :)

Here are the pins to the party garland and flower decor, enjoy!

PS. If anyone wants the birthday party garland, just let me know. I'll be very happy to know that it can be reused :)



Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms