It's t-shirt stock taking time! I've these 2 t-shirts that I've had since like when I first started work. It was the era when Giordano was still fashionable and affordable. I've been keeping them hoping that I could still fit in them but if the t-shirts have been around for 10 years. I think it was time to let them go. 

But I couldn't. Those t-shirts are so comfortable and still in good condition so I made them into toddler dresses for Noe. The feedback was they look like pyjamas or nightgowns. Of course my biggest fan is the girl herself. She really loves the heart and star, and she's so comfortable in them. 

diy t-shirt toddler dresses

I'm posting this not because I want to show off my sewing skills. These dresses are totally only meant to appear in the home or for a short walkabout in the neighbourhood because the stitches are uh... let's just say I'm really still an amateur seamstress :P  

I hope to encourage everyone to think twice before buying, think twice before throwing and try to recycle more to reduce our carbon footprint. There is much fun and meaning in recycling than buying sometimes as well :) 

If you're interested in this DIY project, do check out the tutorials below that helped me a lot! 





I've many aches and pains and if my mother knew about them, she would definitely say, "I told you so." Yes mummy, you did tell me but I totally ignored the nagging and the advice.  I believe most of the aches and pains were from improper care of injuries that I've gotten when I was a teen. I was young, ignorant and thought I was invincible (as do all teenagers think so).

One of my new year resolution, was to get my health and fitness back in shape. I started going for weekly Pilates but know so well that it is not enough but the flesh is so weak in exercising more than once a week. 

My mother recently called me and said this to me out of the blue: 

Do you know why I'm still quite healthy? It is because when I was bringing you all up, I used to exercise everyday. There was this national exercise programme on television and I followed it. I can't remember what is the name of the programme... Everyday we have to exercise even if it's just 15 minutes, and we have to walk a lot.  

Yes, my mother loves to walk and she walks lightning fast, faster than my normal pace of walking. I do vaguely have memories of her hopping up and down on the spot, doing some jumping jacks and swinging her arms. As to the national exercise programme, I've no idea. 

And yes mummy, I am trying to get my butt off the couch to exercise. 


So after all the effort into the DIY Magnetic and Chalkboard Wall, I went a little mad with all the activities related to it... I just had to make my money and time worth :) 

chalk and magnetic fun

(in order from top left to right)


The alphabet letters are worth investing in! We were very blessed as both sets were given as gifts. Perhaps note them down on your gift wishlist for your kids' birthday :) 


Nat has difficulty in recognising alphabets like 'b', 'd', 'p'. So I thought this would help him get it right. 


He is way too old for colour sorting so this was just for fun and for him to know he is a big boy already. I gave him a time limit and also made it into a competition - fastest sorting wins! 


This is the seemingly simplest activity but the most fun of all! I  randomly shout out alphabet and he has to find it among the sea of alphabets. After that we level up with math - addition and subtraction and he has to find the answer among all the numbers. 


If you need some time for independent play, this is the best activity. Just draw the rainbow with chalk and then let them sort the coloured alphabets according to the rainbow. Nat learnt spatial skills as well, arranging the magnets neatly and spacing them out properly. 


Nat isn't the kind who will sit down at the table, oh but then again most preschoolers don't really like to do that right? :P I form the words for him, get him to read and then write them out. He was so excited, we did it 2 days in a row. 

And if you thought there was a lot of clean up, actually I just used wet cloth. The chalkdust doesn't really fly around much, it just falls at the bottom of the wall. The kids love to clean up with the wet cloth too, sometimes I give them a wet paintbrush to 'paint' away all the chalk :) 


I'm currently selling some cards/notebooks designed from Nat's doodles. They're available here at COLOUR ME. The cards hope to inspire you to colour and doodle. All proceeds go to charity :) 

 “Art washes away from the soul the dusts of everyday life” – Pablo Picasso

Where do I find the time to colour and doodle? I'm not a professional artist and I'm not seeking to be one. My doodles are simple and in that short 30 minutes it does wonders - the process gives me rest that refreshes and it gives me joy that uplifts. 

Here is one of the cards Nat designed, which I coloured and doodled on. I call it "Be true to your heart". Simply because there are so many voices out there, so much information to digest and so many choices available. That's my life motto now.

Have you tried colouring and doodling? Perhaps it's time to slow down a little, to discover something new about yourself or just to ventilate something that's bugging you for a long time :)



We had enough of constantly buying blue tack and having the paint on the walls getting peeled off resulting in many holes. So we bought tubs of magnetic paint and chalkboard paint from a really obscure shop called Eco-Green Paint tucked away in Ubi industrial estate.

The first thing that came to my mind when we decided to paint 2 walls on our own is - we must be crazy. For each coat of paint, it takes 4 hours to dry and either paint need about 3 coats. Also, we were totally noobs. We didn't listen to the instructions clearly and ended up using more paint than we needed and burning a hole in our pockets, these paint didn't come cheap. After putting the magnetic paint, we should have primed the wall once and then put the chalkboard paint on but I guess we were too 'excited' and 'anxious' and of course totally 'blur', because we made the mistake TWICE - on 2 WALLS! No wonder people hire the professionals but then again the professionals would've cost a bomb.

After which we wrote some family values we will like to uphold and part of our Chinese names down on scrabble tiles (because the Chinese characters use up less tiles). I was very happy that Nat was old enough to help with painting the backgound colour of some of the tiles.

diy magnetic & chalkboard wall

And we created a visual schedule of daily responsibilities for the family. I try not to call it a 'Chore chart' - sounds like such a torture so I tell Nat and Noe that we love the home, we care for the home together :) Nat loved using the polaroid to take the photos, we had such a blast!

diy magnetic & chalkboard wall

At the end of this whole project, I told the hubby that I wouldn't want to move house for another 5 years! Haaa.

Credits to the wonderful bloggers out there for the DIY scrabble tiles and visual schedule:

How to make Giant Scrabble Tile Table Numbers

Using Visual Schedules With Children

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