I'm Rebecca and also affectionately called Beck, Becks, Becky, Becca, Rebec by my family and friends. Together with my wonderful husband WX and kiddos Nat & Noe, we live on the tiny red dot island of Singapore. I used to be a social worker, an art educator and now am a SAHM who is working from home part-time. When I'm not earning my keep or running after my kiddos, I love making stuff for the home and the family. The irony is that I do not view myself as talented or skilled in inventing or crafting or cooking. Even my husband cuts paper and chops food way much better than I.

And so after 3 whirlwind years of being a mom,  I decided to start this blog as a creative journey to reflect and inspire. It has been too stressful in striving all the time. I want to live an abundant life with JOY, out of REST and through ART. The blog is a way I can find myself, explore my dreams and hopefully discover my destiny in life. You can find simple projects about art that's uplifting, creative play with kids and fun stuff to DIY, that really don't take much effort and time but will give you much joy. Through doing simple things out of a restful heart, I hope to inspire and be inspired. Thank you so much for reading and I hope it has been inspiring for you too.