shoe organiser for small spaces

Living in a 3-room flat has it's limitations in maintaining a neat space for our shoes, or rather WX's shoes... :P While surfing the internet, I chanced about this wonderful "over-the-door shoe organiser" concept which is popular in the US for students living in hostels. Wanted to make my own from scratch but alas, I don't have a sewing machine. Decided to buy simple canvas one from US and then silkscreen the patterns.

It was a decent first silk screening attempt! Some things to note: You can buy a silk screen and additional nylon cloth from Art Friend but the disappointing thing is that Art Friend only sells one brand of silk screen ink. And apparently it looks like their own concoction with only 1 standard amount - a gigantic bottle, so now I'm stuck with a giant bottle of blank ink which I probably won't be using for a long time. I searched on the internet and many crafters recommend the brand "speed ball". Also, the material matters. The silk screen ink didn't really adhere to the canvas material properly, so the designs didn't turn out nicely and some ended up on blotches as well.

Well, but I was prepared for hiccups since it was my first try. I bought some high quality fabric paints (which cost me a bomb) and painted loosely on the designs to cover up the blotches, so it's got a graffiti effect! Grin, happy... next milestone, sewing one from scratch :)