belly band

One morning I woke up and realised I can't button all my favourite jeans!!! So I went online to research about this "Belly Band" for pregnant mummies and realised that it is ridiculously priced!!! Madness! $25 and above just for a piece of cloth??? So I then went about researching on what some budget mummies-to-be did. One of the mummies suggested wearing a tube top as a belly band. So I went off to Toa Payoh Central and got 2 tube tops for just $3 each, really good deal. The verdict - work like magic.

Then another mummy had a good recycling idea to make belly bands - cut your old t-shirts. Initially I thought I had many old t-shirts that were too small for me. Then I realised actually only 1 of them was suitable. It has to be soft cotton material and plain. Most of my t-shirts have prints on them so it will look weird for a belly band. Haa... I cut off the bottom and then hem the top. I purposely made the stitching a different colour so I don't wear it upside down (just in case).