table placemat

Handmade gifts are made with love but may not be made with skill sometimes. I attempted to thank someone with some table placemats but it was really a huge risk to take. I think for one attempt such a feat, you must either be very close to the person you're thanking or know the person is super nice to overlook defects. Sewing 4 identical sized placemats is no joke. I really need to improve on measuring fabric and not be too ambitious to make the seam so small. My tip: If in doubt of sewing ability, just over cut every cloth and sew extra large seams!

 I love transferring the design to the foam sheets and foam is so fun to cut. That's the part which I think I rock at :) Major tip when doing fabric printing with foam sheets is to make sure your paintbrush strokes are totally invisible or else the brushstrokes will appear onto the fabric. That's what happened to mine :( And you really need to soak the whole foam sheet with paint - like really majorly thick!

I guess at the end of the day it's the thought and effort that counts right? But of course, more room for improvement and no excuse for shoddy workmanship!