I went back to church finally after a one month of confinement. In my 2nd week there, WX managed to get off from the worship ministry and we worshipped God together. We were standing right at the back near the cry room, an unfamiliar spot and perspective, for WX and I will be on the stage most of the time as we were serving almost every week. It was just amazing how God worked in our midst. From the back view, as I worship, I saw:

- an elderly husband was helping to raise his wife's arms to worship God - a lady was translating the songs to Chinese to an elderly lady - a man was gently encouraging an intellectually challenged boy to worship God

These images reminded me of my prayer for Nathaniel before he was born and even now- to be a man of compassion for people around him. May people who come into contact with Nathaniel be blessed, encouraged, loved, and overjoyed