can I lend you my umbrella

Like the typical Singaporean, the place which I view art is in the museum. Installation art specifically has always been like "huh" to me because I just don't see the connection between the art and the space/place (geography students and teachers will understand what I mean, hehe). However recently I've been watching this local show on okto called "Watch this space" where artists have the task to put up an installation in an outdoor space. My favourite is "Can I Lend You My Umbrella" @ Tiong Bahru Plaza. Although the art doesn't look spectacular but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thought process that the artists went through in coming up with the idea, how they observed the space and related with the people using that space.

My favourite bit was when they problem solved on set up day itself. Strong winds blew the 3 individual poles down moments just after they completed the whole set up. What amazed me is that the solution they came up with, after a long tiring day in the hot sun, was so appropriate and cheap > They bought matching colour bamboo poles to connect all 3 poles together so the whole structure wouldn't topple.

This installation art really inspired me to think more about the art I create. With a deeper understanding of "process art", I hope that my teaching will help my art students go through a creative thinking experience in every lesson :)