tunnel tube

Accumulated so much toilet rolls and paper towel rolls and foil rolls and plastic wrap rolls that it's getting on my nerves. I envy those big houses overseas, there's so much space to recycle stuff. Just one bag of those tubes takes up so much space in my house and attracts unwanted guests too. Living in a hot, humid, crowded country in the era of social media (where you learn so much more about living) really makes you very conflicted about the lifestyle you want to live out. Anyways, decided to make a tunnel out of the tubes. Realised I'm not very good in making tunnels maybe because I don't drive, haha. The hubby had to remodel it for me after my first try. Nat had so much fun. He also learned to hold the tunnel and put the cars down by himself after a few weeks. And after a while it somehow also morphed into a vacuum cleaner and then a microphone. Kids are amazing :)