milk carton lantern

Got this idea from Pupsik Studio. Wanted to do it for lantern festival but eh... was not in time for it. Heh. So ended up as a random project. Definitely will attempt it again when Nat is older because 50% of the work was done by the parents. Haaa. I painted white acrylic as the base coat but I should've painted more than one base coat, the logos still showed. Then Nat sloshed on all the paint. He was very intrigued by the fact he was painting the milk carton he drank from :) Next, WX helped to cut out the different shaped windows and doors like rectangles, squares and stars. And then one dark and stormy night, I took it out and put a yellow glow stick in it. Nat was majorly fascinated by it and he tried to get the glow stick out! The fun did not end that night after the glow stick lost its glow. The next morning, I put some straws and bells in the carton and Nat had fun shaking it about and  trying to pour out the straws and bells from the different windows and doors. He will fill it back up and try to pour them out again. This morning ritual went out for about a whole week :)