malacca road trip

Another year has passed, and we're planning another holiday trip this year. As we talked about the various options, memories of the 2012 holidays just keep coming back. Just one year back, Nat was 20 months and we brought him to Malacca. It was going to be 5 hours long road trip on a coach bus. I had to do much research on toddler safety and of course toddler entertainment on the bus. In times like this, it ain't difficult to entertain a toddler on a long road trip - just dump the ipad or a portable dvd in front of him/her and magic happens. But I refuse to do that, even though 5 hours is an arduous journey for both parent and child, I wanted it to be meaningful as well for us as a family.

So I went around digging for new stuff to do with Nat on the bus which I think he would enjoy to do. I bought some Crayola dry erase crayons which was much less of a hassle than bringing markers because Nat still doesn't know how to cap them properly and they will start rolling and staining his clothes and where ever. These dry erase crayons rocked, you can just use a cloth to erase them like white board markers.

You would've read Rach's scrapbooking post. Nat was too young to make his own scrapbook so I made one for him with pictures that we took at the zoo and the night museum event that we just went together. I think kids' memories are amazing! He remembers most of the stuff we did! And of cos, I brought along his favourite storybooks (weighs a ton but worth the effort) and stickers.

And I'm not crazy as well, I did allow him to watch an hour of the video out of the 5 hours trip so I can catch some rest and of cos, who doesn't fall asleep after watching videos on a bus ride.