art hike @ pierce reservoir

I've been very inspired by blogs about hiking and recently chanced upon one whereby a mum was blogging about a short hiking trip with her 2 kids (by herself!). So one fine morning, we decided to bring Nat for a mini hiking trip to Pierce Reservoir. The walk to the entrance of the Reservoir was quite far to walk for a 2 year old. We were quite worried that he won't be able to handle the entire walk.

Mostly he collected different kinds of leaves because just 2 weeks ago, we did some leaf printing with his play date buddies. Good thing I brought along some paint and paper because I figured he may need a break somewhere and painting was his favourite activity to occupy him as he rest his legs. And it turned out to be a wonderful Art Hike! And the cute little artist didn't even want to sit down and stood painting like a pro!

But Nat was amazing! He walked the entire journey all by himself! He was fascinated by the enveloping trees, the reservoir, little streams, leaves and sticks (his all time favourite) everywhere and the never ending sound of the crickets.  We spotted some interesting birds and a monitor lizard. I also let him collect stuff that he found interesting along the way in his cute yellow pail.