chair childproofing

My brother gave me these chairs for my new house 5 years ago. Who knows that as the years went by, the chairs were considered hazardous for children. Every time my nephew came, I had to put a giant pillow to block the hole so he won't fall through. When Nat was old enough in climbing and sitting on the chair, I had to do something about the big hole. I can't throw away the chairs right.

So I sewed chair covers for the Ikea chairs from lkea cloth, guess they must somehow match yeah. And I made them removable so that I can wash them too :) I took great care in measurements this time. Tedious at the beginning but the hardwork pays off when you sew them together.

And guess what I submitted this DIY project for the Ikea newsletter and won myself an Ikea voucher. So happy! It's featured in the April newsletter. Just a small mention but significant enough for my ego. Heh.