experimenting with water

Just one of those days, I really need Nat to play by himself. I realised that sometimes the idea that a child can play by himself, has nothing to do with how well you parent your child or how mature or independent your child is, but has all to do with the personality of your child. Nat is a very extroverted child and I've come to terms that he is not attention seeking and neither am I a bad parent just because my child cannot play on his own. But I also need some space to cook or do the housework with some peace and quiet sometimes, for my sanity's sake. I remembered one of my friend's mother who talked about letting her children play with ice in the kitchen while she cooked. I tried that but ice didn't seem to interest Nat so I thought what the heck, just let him experiment with water, using various tools. Just a cup full will be enough so we don't waste water. And of cos, sitting in the high chair confines the water to one area for easy clean up with just a cloth.

Well, as you can see, he loves to use the syringe. He looked so serious at times that I thought he was in the school science lab. And also I also taught him to use the sponge to soak up water that spilled and then squeezing it back into the cup so he doesn't waste the water. He is excellent at experimenting with water with a record play time of 45min on his own!