purple shoes

One of my sister's friends liked the shoes that I painted for her. And it was my first order for someone I didn't know. Pretty difficult to paint for a stranger because you don't know what she likes and her personality. I got inspiration from one of my favourite art blogs Clouds of Colour. Her watercolour and pen art is really cool. And I also got inspiration from the recent art hike with Nat. I must say the purple I mixed was rather nice. But I sort of chicken out on the pen art, didn't dare to do too much because I was scared to ruin the shoe. Sigh, I really need more 'risky creativity' in my life :P Well, I got another opportunity in doing another pair because the size of the shoes was too big for her, a blessing in disguise.

Sadly, I can't seem to find these wonderful simple white canvas shoes sold in Singapore anymore. I had to order a few pairs all the way from China. The shoe stall owner at the wet market whom I used to buy it from, told me that the factory that supplied these shoes has gotten into some production and manpower issues so they're not supplying the shoes anymore. Really sad. I really want to support these local small old time vendors.