alphabet waterplay

In Singapore, because most of us live in high rise flats, we don't really have a garden or a backyard to get wet in. In the past when most apartments only had a common corridor for you to run along, that's where the kids hung out with the neighbours' kids and played together. I didn't really like the idea of such play, I thought it was very noisy and it disturbed the neighbours. But one day, it was just a very boring afternoon for Nat and it was a bit hazy, rainy and Nat was so restless, I thought what the heck, just let him wet the corridor and he can help me to wash my walls too. So I gave him some tongs to practise his fine motor skills. I heard from a friend that will help them in their chopstick skills. He has been been practising with beads but I thought it will be more challenging to do it with some foam alphabets floating water this time. Of course, anything to do with water is fun for the kid, even helping me to wash and scrub the walls :)