homemade playdough

When I chanced upon this playdough recipe and saw the colourful playdough the mummy made, I just had to make it. The colours are so vibrant and they just look so yummylicious. The first one I did failed because I didn't cook it enough, I was too paranoid that it would be overcooked. And I also added the colouring too late. Well, good thing Nat was in a good mood that day and of course he thought it was really interesting that I could cook up a toy for him, and he patiently waited for me to try again. And tadah! Orange was a huge success! I also made red, green and purple playdough the next time round! And it really looked so yummy, he attempted to eat them for real in the second round.

I used sunflower oil instead of vegetable oil and it worked too. And I discovered that food colouring is very powerful, just a few drops and whoa, the colour is so strong! I think I overdid it with the purple playdough. What I like about this homemade playdough is that it doesn't have the strong perfume smell and it doesn't feel oily. Downside is that of course without any preservatives, it can only last for a month. More than a month, it starts to 'melt' in our humidity. But then again, I don't remember my off the shelf playdough lasting very long too because mould will start to set in :P