icecream stick jigsaw puzzle

Remember the Aquarium visit I did a while back? I like to print out photos of interesting trips and compile them for Nat in an album so he can look at them like a book. Sometimes holding something physical evokes the memory and makes learning easier than viewing photos on the computer or the iPad. But in this era, think it's important to balance both technology and traditional methods of learning. So when I stumbled upon this great puzzle idea, I decided to use some of the aquarium photos. But I think my ice cream sticks were too skinny for his fine motor skills. And my numbers went up from 1 to 15 and it was too difficult for him to count. I thought too highly of his ability, heh. So after a few tries, he gave up and was not interested in it anymore. Well, there is always a next time, perhaps in a few months' we'll revisit this again!