pillow & bolster covers

pillow cover

Before I pop, I just wanted to get this and over done with. I've been procrastinating this project like crazy and I even told the doctor I'm not ready to give birth yet because I've so many things I want to do. Thank God for online tutorials! My first pillow case from Martha Stewart. I did the envelope backed pillow cover. It was so easy peasy that even though the first one I made was too small, I finished the second one in like half an hour.

bolster cover

My first bolster case from Sew It Love It. It says that it's the easiest bolster cover. Not sure about the easy part but it's definitely a fulfilling challenge! Not easy as the pillow cover but the sense of achievement rocks more than doing the pillow.

The funniest thing about this whole sewing project is that my son doesn't even use his pillow and bolster for sleeping. I bought them thinking he will like them but he doesn't even want them on his bed. Hence,  this is just a project for my own pleasure :) Even the cloth design is for my own delight, hehe. It was bought from Chinatown. Just love the authentic retro look.