kranji farms road trip

Last June holidays, some mummy friends and I and our toddlers went on a mini road trip to the Kranji Farms Countryside. We sort of drove out of our comfort zones to an isolated area even though Singapore was in reality very small anyways, I seriously didn't think we will get lost but we had our GPS system on all the time. As usual in Singapore, everything has road signs, all clinically done up and keyed into the system. Sometimes I wished we could just get lost a little for some adventure. To tell you the truth, I was rather disappointed with the farms. With all the hype on the Internet about the farms, the nice maps and nice website, the farms itself were too sterile and dreary looking. No  greenery in the goat farm, no grass no trees, just a concrete jungle of walls and metal gates. No real ponds in the frog farm, just big bathroom cubicles with water. They were also rather small and each one farm we just spent like half an hour and there was nothing to see anymore. More time was spent going in and out of the cars and driving from farm to farm. Even the so called Long Kang fishing at Qianhu which many had many good reviews, just was the same as any Long Kang fishing you can find in the urban areas.

The upside to this trip, it was the company that mattered. The mummies and the kids all out on an adventure on our own without the hubbies. I guess that's the most important and fun part of the whole road trip. But having said that, I must one day visit a REAL farm - a must do on my bucket list.