We just can't get enough of sensory bottles. Why? Because I've absolutely no idea why we always have so many empty bottles lying around. This time, the big brother has been enlisted to make this toy for his little sister. It is another wonderful learning time for him. When he was young, it's just a one track mind. Now, I love to see him troubleshoot: should I use a spoon, or my fingers or a funnel, to pour the beans into the bottle? How much should I add?

Other things we added to the bottle were bells and straw pieces. He also decided how long he wanted the ribbons to be. Then I poked a hole into the bottle cap, tied the ribbons through the hole and secured the cap with duct tape.

sensory bottle musical shaker

And just look at the delight on the sister's face when she received the bottle. It's a safe toy to play in the cot. Since babies get bored of toys easily, this is an inexpensive and easy to make toy. She has played with it until the bottle is all squashed. As for the big brother, he asked to make one for himself the next day :)

sensory bottle musical shaker

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