I keep telling myself that I need to make learning fun. It's a constant reminder. In today's education where almost every single preschooler goes for some enrichment or even tuition, I need to repeat the mantra repeatedly so I don't get caught up in the rat race. And it's increasingly so as Nat moves up the level - oh my child can read a book already, oh this student is already reading, oh you've to go for this reading programme, so and so, and it goes on and on. It's not the parent's or the teacher's fault for praising the child nor is it bad to go for reading programme. It's the pressure that we put on ourselves and then place on our child. I don't want that kind of pressure in my family.

Sometimes Nat feels stressed that he cannot do certain things on the same level as his friends. Well, he is a year end child but let me stress, it's only CERTAIN things. The teacher says he excels at "Show and Tell" but when it comes to writing and reading, he is trying his very best but can get discouraged at times. I get angry and frustrated with him sometimes too when it appears that he doesn't want to put in effort to write or attempt to pronounce words properly, and he gets upset with me.

Here are 3 sight-word activities that involve a lot of movement that have made learning fun especially in learning to read. Not only it is fun, it helps to release the stress while learning and, reduce the tension between him and myself and to expend all that energy without going outdoors! We develop a closer bond through too instead of session of screaming and tearing. The photos look horrid because we are constantly on the move :)


Simply hang some sight words at the doorway. I call out the word and Nat tries to jump up to touch the word. Try not to put it at a windy doorway, ours got all tangled up halfway!


Paste some action sight words at each cube's face. Throw the cube, read the word and do the action! Be physically prepared for this intensive workout.


Recently, I've been noticing other mommy bloggers sharing about using a fly swatter to hit the sight word. We don't have a fly swatter, so we used a clapper instead. I wrote some of the words he learned in school (which the teacher said to revise at home) on some post-its and pasted them on his book, around the room, wherever I could paste them. I call out the word, and there he goes trying to slap the word with his clapper!

sight words on the move

If you need a better description (explanation with nice pictures) of these activities, do check out these sources:

"Sight word jump and grab" from Hands on As We Grow

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