At the dinner table, we all wish for our toddlers to sit at the high chair for just a little while more while we enjoy our meals leisurely or when we need to clear up and wash the dishes. I've been wiser with the second child. Experience, doing more research and seeing what other parents have done, do help a lot. I've been engaging Noe with age appropriate activities and listening to her cues more as to what she's interested in, while she's in the high chair. I need time to wash the dishes and I can't do it with a toddler hugging my legs all the time.

Here are some tips that I've gathered through seeing what other mothers blog about and my own experience:


Having multiples makes it interesting and allow for experimentation

  • A bag of mini blocks
  • A bowl of pom poms
  • A bottle of alphabets
  • A box of pasta shapes
  • A sheet of stickers
  • A cup of straws of different lengths
tips for fun high chair activities


Recycle those empty containers for child to invite the child to play

  • Materials in a big transparent bottle without the lid

  • Hiding materials in a tissue box
  • Materials in opaque/transparent bottles with a cap screwed on lightly he/she can learn to unscrew and pour out the materials
  • Materials in a opaque/transparent storage box with lid on like sandwich boxes
tips for fun high chair activities


Simple everyday equipment to train child's fine motor skills

  • Utensils like different sized spoons, forks, ladles (sometimes I just give the real stuff I use in the kitchen)
  • Cups of varying sizes and colours
  • Bowls of varying sizes and colours

(Okay, I don't have any pictures of this because usually at this time, I'm already hands full of soap, washing the dishes :P)

Do note that the all materials and equipment should be age appropriately safe for the toddler, for example, no tiny pom poms. Also, do be mentally prepared for everything to end up on the floor. Noe is now at the age of experimenting how to drop things from the high chair. She gets very amused when she puts her hand through the bottom of the chair (where her legs hang) and drop the pom poms. I try my best to make her clean up by herself. And finally, Noe gets a kick out of reading magazines at the high chair, perhaps you can try that too. Her favourite is the Ikea Magazine :)