lego puzzle

I thought this diy lego instruction book was a engaging activity. I thought that I would have enjoyed it if I was a kid. So I happily took photos of the lego puzzles I made, trying as hard as I can be to do it randomly and quickly without much thought so that it would appear creatively done. Unfortunately my dear son was not very interested in it, he didn't want build the lego to follow the patterns on the photo. I tried to engage him further by asking him what he thought the patterns look like. And these 2 were his favourite. His imaginary 'dog' and 'hammer'. And then he started playing with them rather than completing the puzzle.

And so I wondered what went wrong or why he wasn't interested. Perhaps it was his age, he wasn't ready for the activity. Or perhaps it was just not his interest. I also noticed he didn't like to follow the lego instructions on building vehicles too. And then maybe it was his learning style. I know for sure I'm a 'read first' person, I like to research and read about topics that I'm interested in. I think for Nat he is a 'think first' or 'try first' kind of person. And maybe because of his age, he likes to imagine and make up his own stuff rather than follow a set pattern. Somehow I think it's great that he's like that. That's his creative style :) What's your kid's creative style?