the little things

Recently I read a post on Playful Learning about 'the little things'. The author was reading a book called 'Hands Free Mama' which suggests that, "The next time you feel the need to guide, instruct, or criticize after a ball game, performance, or extra curricular activity, keep it simple instead. This week when providing feedback to your child… use only these six words: ” I love to watch you______.”

I think this is so apt for us in this society that is so achievement oriented. At the end of the day, we all just return to dust, so let us savour the moments, the little things. So to my dearest son who is growing up oh so fast and who I sometimes expect too much of:

I love to watch you laugh hysterically

I love to watch you roll around

I love to watch you love your baby sister

I love to watch you share

I love to watch you read

I love to watch you pray

And to my dearest daughter, I am watching you every step of the way too.