rest in grace

And so it happens - while I neither believe that anything happens by chance nor everything is predetermined by fate, I believe things happen for a reason and some reasons are only revealed upon looking back on hindsight or while looking forward.

I'm sure many of you have that personal journal or notebook where you pen down reflections or thoughts. I've one that I've been using since 2007. I first bought it to write down my ideas for my new home and my wedding. I love it because it has blank pages without lines and the hardcover helps in writing anywhere I want to, like on my bed. Over the years, it has been this notebook where I pen down my thoughts on projects that I enjoy mulling over.

One day, I was just brainstorming about the name of my new blog and I took out my notebook, sitting down on the couch next to the window and scribbling down my ideas. And then I just closed the book and stared at the cover - I saw the word. For 7 years, I didn't actually took notice to that word, seriously. I recalled that there were other covers with the words peace, joy, love, in other different colours. I just chose this particular one because the word was in green and green was my favourite colour.

And then the connection happened - to rest in His GRACE for inspiration. All the ideas collected over the years in my notebook meant a lot to me, they gave me meaning, purpose, joy. The moments which I spent writing in this notebook were times when I felt the most relaxed, at peace and at rest. Just by that simple act of reading the word on my notebook cover, GRACE, I thought of the theme for the blog.

So today, I urge you dear brothers and sisters, to rest in God's grace where Jesus is the source of your strength, peace, joy and inspiration. Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter in advance!