a lovey for a baby

Every baby is delicately made, all of his or her tiny parts all knitted together in the mother’s womb. The womb is warm, cosy, comforting and safe. Imagine being awaken, stirred from your slumber and forcibly taken away from the bed you were ever so connected to for 9 months and all of a sudden, within hours, you being thrust in a strange place.



Everyone needs a hug. Much more for a baby, who needs it all the time as he or she is coping with changes everyday in all possible areas. It’s not just about the basic needs of feeding, pooping, sleeping that must be addressed everyday but also the needs for affection, comfort and trust. Hence, loveys are so necessary for every baby. That ‘security blanket’ for your child to love and to hold for a short while, as he explores the world around him.

Hannah from Ties With Bows, made a lovey for my darling newborn, Noelle. When my eldest was borne, his lovey, affectionately known as ‘Hugs’, was given by his cousin. It’s a bit difficult to carry ‘Hugs’ around because he is a rather heavy teddy bear. So when Hannah made this cuddle cloth with tags for Noelle, I was like, “Yes!” I can bring it out easily without adding a ton of weight to my already heavily laden diaper bag. The good thing is that it was big enough to cover her too so as to provide extra warmth in air-conditioned places and yet it’s not too thick as well for those sunny days. Even at 1 month old, she already started playing and sucking on those tags, as a form of self-entertainment. Looking back, I felt a bit bad for my eldest because he didn’t have a lovey when he went out and I think that might have caused him some distressed in the early months as he was crying much more as compared to Noelle.  

Recently I ordered a special dino cuddle cloth from her for my new nephew. I could customise the colour as well since I wasn’t sure whether the baby was going to be a boy or girl. I just love handmade products for children, it just feels so much more personalised and meaningful especially for a new baby. I also purchased a softie for my good friend because softies aren’t just for babies, they are great gifts for besties too.


You can check out Hannah’s collection at her facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/TiesWBows. She regularly updates her handmade creations. I especially love seeing the different handmade stuff she makes for her 3 kids, which match them so well.  You can just drop her message or email for your order. Feel free to ask about available prices, colours or sizes even if they’re not stated on her posts sometimes.


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