the mask

Last year everyone went on a rampage in buying and stocking up masks. But no N95 mask could fit a toddler. Even those so-called N95 or cloth kids size masks can't fit toddlers. One of my good friends decided to wet a washcloth as a mask for her child since from don't know whatever source that was circulating around watsapp, said that wearing a wet cloth was effective in protection from the haze. I figured out that it should be better than any N95 masks since it could fit around their noses and mouth properly. Okay, I know I shouldn't be letting my kids play outdoors if the haze was in the unhealthy zone but I've to fetch Nat to school and it is a 10 minutes walk so protection is still important!

I took WX's cloth mask and traced out a template, and then made my own cloth masks for the kiddos.  It's very simple to make. I took a photo of the mask's shape for another friend and she handsewn it in a jiffy.

I wet their masks and then put them on for the kiddos. Both my kiddos are very cooperative in wearing their masks when they're instructed to. Here's my littlest model with her strawberry mask :)