pebble math

I love to play games at home but sometimes I wish for some quiet sit down games that is not back breaking. It is difficult for most children aged 2+ or 3+, to focus on any quiet sit down games because usually there are too many rules, it is not sensory enough or the theme is too complex.

From A Mom With  Lesson Plan, here's a simple math game of subtraction with pebbles. Nat started at the age of 2+ and until now loves to play the game occasionally. Looks so simple and 'boring' to us adults but tons of fun for him. What we simply do is without letting your child see, divide the objects into both hands. Show one hand and ask, “We started with 4 pebbles. If there are 2 pebbles in this hand, how many are in this hand?”

Just start with small numbers like 1, then 2, and so on. Nat could manage only up to 6 but soon we will be getting to bigger numbers. Here's a very important reminder: The kiddos don't get it at the first time and maybe most of the time :P so just keep it really fun and laugh at mistakes. Remember it's supposed to be a game :) I also threw in other cute objects that were pebble sized for fun visual effects. And then I'll play the game on the couch with him when I need to rest my legs and just catch a breather. Thank God for fun simple quiet games.