diy t-shirt scarf

T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts. We're a t-shirt family. We wear t-shirts wherever we go. As such, we've mountains of t-shirts and no space to keep them nor can we wear them all. Recent years, we've been either giving away the t-shirts or chucking them down the bin. The latter move is so wasteful and heartbreaking. Some are of really good quality and so I've been on a mission to turn those t-shirts into something else.

Last Christmas, I made this t-shirt scarf as a gift. Cool right. It keeps your neck warm and doubles up as a neck accessory. I made it more like a necklace because in Singapore, you've to be crazy to wear a scarf around. Here's one that I made for my lovely sister-in-law who is wearing it :)

I managed to recycle a total of 3 t-shirts! Woohoo! So happy. And I used the leftovers to make bracelets too. I wonder what else I can make with t-shirts. I've a like a dozen more awaiting to be recycled. Excited!

If you are a t-shirt buying addict like WX & I, and you will like to recycle your old t-shirts, please check out this DIY Recycled T-shirt Scarf tutorial by Ninth and Bird that I followed and Stephanie Corfee's DIY Recycle T-shirt Bracelet Tutorial. They're really easy. Recycling FTW!