pingpong math

Another one of those days when I'm too tired or not in the mood to bring Nat outdoors but I really need to find a way to expend his energy so that he can sleep peacefully at night. So it's time for corridor games again! I'm so afraid of disturbing my neighbours though because Nat shouts so loud when he's excited. Gone are the days when you can play along the corridor without a care in the world.

This game was adapted from Mess For Less's Counting Fun with Ping Pong Balls. But instead of sitting at the table, I made Nat balance the balls on a spoon from one end to another end. Firstly just label the balls from 1 to 12. Then get the kid to place the balls one by one in sequence onto the paint palette. Kids really dig balancing games, and i think even adults too :)

P.S Just a note of caution, try not to let the very bouncy ping pong ball fall off the ledge because one of ours did, it bounced onto a car and landed on the carpark floor.