sticker magnets

Are you getting overwhelmed by the amount of magnet freebies cluttering your fridge door? DON'T throw them away! I think I've been the silliest person on earth to have not thought of recycling them. Thankfully, Picklebum's post on Magnet Madness stopped me in time from throwing another batch away. Magnets themselves are so expensive to purchase!

I bought these really expensive high quality Disney Cars stickers for Nat and he absolutely loved them, re-sticking them countless times. So when they lost their adhesiveness, I was so sad that I had to throw them away. Then I realised that I could paste coloured paper on the back. And then cut up the magnets that I absolutely abhor, into small pieces. I stuck the small magnets on the back of the stickers. And wa la! New use for the old stickers, magnet fun on the fridge. Next, I'm going to draw roads on the whiteboard and Nat can zoom his 'new' car magnets on it.