a mother's life story: a shophouse

It was Eat with Your Family Day a while ago. Did you have the opportunity to ask your mother questions? What is her life story?

For me, the storytelling continues in a good way... In my previous post on A Mother's Life Story, I found out my mother used to live at Race Course Road. Hence, I asked her more about life there.

At Race Course Road, my mother told me that they lived in a shophouse. And there were actually 2 units which my grandfather rented. One of them he subletted it out to someone else. However, my grandfather couldn't afford to keep both units. Thereafter, my uncle and him bought 2 HDB units (government subsidised apartments) at Toa Payoh for the whole family of 2 parents, 7 children and including my uncle's wife.

The tone of my mother's voice seemed to indicate that life was hard for my grandfather in taking care of such a big family. She didn't mention how life was like living in a shophouse. She didn't say that she missed living in a shophouse too. I guess perhaps she was just happy to have a roof over her head, sort of a very practical attitude towards to housing. So all I painted was 2 spiral staircases symbolising the shophouse, nothing more and nothing less.

My mother belongs to the Pioneer Generation, which I feel quite proud of. I'm interested in asking her more about her childhood days. With a hope she still remembers. I've a wish in my heart that I myself and my children will remember their childhood when we grow old too.