diy road play

Nat love cars. He's been zooming them around everywhere. He loves those playmats with the roads on top when we go to playdates at other kid's houses. But most of the time, they cost a bomb like a few hundred dollars, they're too humungous for our tiny house and some are of carpet material which make us sneeze all the time. So it was time to make our own DIY roads. I know nuts about roads because I don't drive so I had some traffic advice from WX.

We bought 6 white mounting boards from Art Friend and taped them together with black duct tape, so they can be folded up and tucked away when not in use. I taped them in threes so that we could change the configuration of the roads to make it more interesting. Using the same black duct tape, I made the roads, because it will be too cumbersome to print and cut out all the roads. Then I just used a silver marker to draw the road markings. Also I think my son will be a bit too restless and rough to play with unpasted cardboard roads. 

We laid the road on the floor and then he was so excited to set up his petrol station, overhead bridge, car parks and playground with his lego bricks.

The good thing about it being stuck in threes and foldable, is that we could lay on the table to play sometimes to avoid his baby sister bulldozing through his town when crawling about.


As you can see, I've a round-a-bout and curved roads too. For those I cut them with black paper but I just stuck them down with the duct tape too instead of the hassle of pasting with glue. If you would rather print and cut out the roads. You can check out the Picklebums where I got this inspiration from. Happy driving around with your kids!

Printable Roads

Printable Roads