baby sensory bottle

I've been hearing many people comment that they don't really know what to do with or how to play with their babies. I guess I was 'forced' to play with my baby everyday because Nat was always wanting my attention as an infant. So I had to desperately read up and research to keep him and myself meaningfully occupied. Now Noe is more of a self-exploratory baby and I tend to just leave her with playing her brother's toy cars, which I feel has been quite unfair to her. I am trying to be fair, even though it's more difficult now compared to when Nat was the only child.

I decided to make this Sensory Bottle for her when she was 6 months old as I had many empty mineral water bottles waiting to be recycled. And Nat was my little helper in pouring the water, the baby oil and putting in all the little scrap bits, glitter. In the end, he kept pestering me for one for himself even though he already has a similar timeout blue glitter bottle. Noe loves to see the glitter move, the little bits bounce and float but most of all, she just like to do her favourite thing with it - munch on the it as though there is no tomorrow.

Babies have a short attention span so probably just 5 to 10 minutes and they're done with it. But no worries, tomorrow will be another day for them to play with it :) Do check the pins below on how to make the bottle and other cool ideas. I've still have a huge bottle of baby oil left, so I will probably ask Nat to make one for himself or as a gift for another baby.