shape and colour matching

Have you ever come across an activity that you wanted to do with your child, but then by the time you got to doing it with him, somehow he has already progressed and the activity is way too simple for him. Taken from Teachpreschool's "Exploring our shapes with blocks on table top", I made a similar kind of table stop setting but with a big piece of paper so that I can reuse it as and when I want to do the activity again. I did this with him when he 2.5 years old (about a year ago, so this is like a #throwback post :P) and he completed it like in super lightning speed and it was too easy for him so he got bored of it.

I attempted to increase his interest level by getting him to colour sort his trains, and obviously that was too easy as well, so in the end he created a 'map' and 'interchange' for his trains to travel about and park at. Well, at least it got him interested. But I didn't throw away the mat I made, it's still stored somewhere, perhaps one day I'll think of something of a higher level to engage him in or he can teach his sister how to do it.

So the moral of the story here, when it comes to kids, you can't procrastinate :P