It has been a period of headaches, backaches and heartaches. That's why a 2 week long absence from any writing. There were lots of my mind, words to express and a spirited heart yearning to shout out my feelings - and therefore there has to be some sense of control and restraint when it comes to blogging, after all, it's LIVE to the world. And so I begin today's lifestory-

When I became a mom, memories of how my own mom brought us up when we were young flash back more frequently and I also started sharing them more often. I like to ask my mom about my grandparents and how they were, how they raised the children because a part of me now as a parent, want to learn from and be inspired by my own family and want to strengthen the bonds of family, hold tight onto our values.  Sadly I've realised this too late. I wished I was closer to them and that I could speak their language.

My mom told me my grandfather worked different kinds of jobs and so met many people from various backgrounds. One thing she remembered very clearly is that my grandfather used to regularly bring her along to visit his friend who lived near the Cantonment Police Station. And whenever they visited this friend, she will always get to drink a bottle of Fanta Orange. She really enjoyed the visits because as a kid, she liked sweet drinks and snacks.

This is my favourite story, no matter how short it is because it is the fondest memory that my mother had of her own father and she was smiling like a little girl again. A simple outing, a simple drink and yet full of loving memories. It is a reminder to me that it's not all the time about giving the big gifts, or holding the big celebrations, sometimes the simplest action touches the heart and leaves a legacy of love behind.

I'm sure my grandpa will be happy to know that my mom remembered those visits so fondly. That memory has a therapeutic effect on my mom too, perhaps that memory helped her to get through some tough days, on days when her children may have been very difficult to manage.

What memories will I create with my husband, my children? What memories do I want them to have of me, of us, of each other? And I hope those memories we have as a family, will continue to resonate in our hearts and continue the family's legacy of love.