I'm a fan of learning through movement. I believe that young children are mostly kinesthetic learners. I think the preschool teachers are doing a fantastic job. Unfortunately the disparity between teaching styles in preschool and primary school is very great. I personally feel that in primary schools, kinesthetic learning is very limited and a lot of precious learning opportunities are missed. Hence, kinesthetic learners are often misunderstood and sidelined. I can only hope that things will change and education progresses.

Nat picked up alphabets faster than numbers. Perhaps because alphabets come with so many songs, rhymes and stories. There is more exposure and it seems more enjoyable. I've been trying to make math attractive for him. Number recognition and sequencing are made fun through these 2 hide-and-seek number games. Same concept but with different tools!

Clothespin Number Tags

We will hide the number tags around the house by clipping them with the clothespin to the hiding spots. The clipping helps to train the fine motor skills too. And then Nat will try to place the numbers in the correct order.

Ice-cream Number Sticks

Nat got really excited about the coloured ice-cream sticks but the sticks got lost quite a bit because he can't remember where he hid them! After finding the sticks, Nat will place them in the correct order by poking them in the playdough pie/cake that he made beforehand.


These 2 activities were inspired and adapted from the wonderful pins below. Have fun learning and moving with your child!