One of my so-called New Year's resolution is to start an art journal. Actually I've not made resolutions for a long time, but this year I was impressed upon my heart to start doodling, colouring and painting again - something that I loved to do a lot when I was a child. The stressors and busyness have started to make me feel very jaded about many things in life and I felt that there was a need to live life through a lens of child again, to recover back the playfulness, the openness, the joy, the hope, and the childlike faith.

When God gave Abraham the promise about being a father, He gave him a faith picture -  as numerous are the stars in the sky, so shall your descendents be. Wasn't it a wonderful picture? Whenever Abraham looked at the night sky,  he would remember the Lord’s promise and “see” all his children.

So I've decided that my art journal will be a collection of faith pictures from God's word and the easiest book to begin this personal project of mine would be Psalms. Today's sketch is more like a note. I was reflecting upon what was the point of life, what was the point of recording down our life through photos, through writing, why am I blogging and what was the point of a keeping a journal. Then I came upon this verse - that God himself is recording down every day of my life, laying down every moment - exactly what I'm doing now. There is meaning, there is some divine purpose in our everyday living, our daily tasks, or else why would He be recording it down? This faith picture is how I imagine the Lord's journal to be, His writing flows effortless like painting strokes.

It has been quite a slow process but I hope I can keep up with it. I've posted them on my website under "PSALM LOVE SONG" - building up faith pictures through one Psalm one sketch. I'll be keeping an eye on them and keeping them in my heart. Feel free to check it out and perhaps you will like to start your own journey of building faith pictures in your life.