THANK YOU 2014 & HELLO 2015

Happy 1st Anniversary to my blog! I started 'Jarful of Plenty' a year ago with the primary aim of inspiring myself and then hopefully others. In writing down the things that I love and enjoy from a position of rest, I hope to find myself and explore my dreams. I'm glad that at the end of 2014, I've a better picture of my life's purpose and meaning. It's still a picture that's being crafted in the process but it is a much clearer picture that the one I had before!

2015's going to be the year where inspiration is not just thought about or written on but lived out. May the Lord be the God of both the mountains and valleys for the New Year!

Colouring page from "PS* I love You" little playbook for Colouring, Doodling and Stretching You Creativity. Available from