Nat's class is made up of just about 10 children. It's nice to see the children playing in a close knit group. Sometimes he brings home interesting drawings he did informally with his classmates. One day he brought home a hand-drawn map that his classmate gave to him and told me they played treasure hunt during the break in school. He started drawing his own maps for about a week until I couldn't take it anymore and told myself that I must capitalise on his enthusiasm and we have to do a real treasure hunt outdoors! The house is way too small for an adventure!

We've read the book, "We're going on a bear hunt" and he has a fond memory of it. So just one morning of about 20 minutes, I randomly put together a 'Bear Hunt Kit'. There was really no time to think about the details and I thought I would just go along and try to be spontaneous :)

The Bear Hunt Kit: Cap, shovel, magnifying glass, binoculars, secret code booklet to solve the location of each clue which will lead him to the bear and the final treasure (gummy bears, puffs and some new construction vehicles), and most importantly the MAP!

going on a bear hunt

And then we were off to Toa Payoh Town Park.  He was very diligent in refering to his map all the time. It was kind of hilarious because I would ask him to close his eyes and then hid the items along the way. He was a very good sport but sometimes I can see him trying to peek. I made sure each item was hid differently so that he is able to use his different tools. First I hid the bear in some soil among bushes, so he had to use his shovel. Then on the spot, I gave the role of a guide to the bear, to give him clues to the next location.

going on a bear hunt

Secondly, I rolled up the secret code and hid it among some branches in a tree so he needed to use his magnifying glass. He was extremely studious in solving the secret code. Finally, I hid his treasures near a pond and also up in a tree so he had to use his binoculars.

going on a bear hunt

After he got his treasures, he kept bugging me to hide more things! I had nothing left to hide! And so the hunting continued at home for the next few days :)