Where have I been for the past 2 weeks? As what every student does towards the end of term - rush to complete my readings and assignments! I've completed my first online course called "Ignite Your Everyday Creativity"! Woohoo! It has been 10 years since I last graduated and have not studied for anything since then. Although it was just a 6 weeks course, it has been longer than any courses than I've gone for during this time.

Right at the beginning of the course, I was asked to highlight one thing that really stands out to me, one that I think represented who I am as a creative individual. As I was making a list of the ways that I'm creative in my day-to-day life, I realised the ones I really enjoy were making simple things into something meaningful and purposeful. For example, I cut up these 1.5L plastic bottles (I've a neverending mission of recycling bottles because my husband likes to buy drinks home) to make holders for markers and colour pencils so as to set up a mini art supply station for my kiddos. I got a bit nostalgic when I saw them all organised neatly because some of the markers and colour pencils have followed me since my teens! I kid you not they're still usable!

turning something into something more

"Turning something into something more" is what represents me as a creative individual.

Somehow from recent discussions with my friends, I realised that it also kind of represents the theme of my life so far, how God has always turn seemingly negative experiences in my life into something much more than just another sad moment, but something that is of purpose, something that I could use to help others. 

It is not difficult. Turn something simple into something more today, be it a gesture, a thought, a piece of paper, it will bring about great joy and meaning.