We had enough of constantly buying blue tack and having the paint on the walls getting peeled off resulting in many holes. So we bought tubs of magnetic paint and chalkboard paint from a really obscure shop called Eco-Green Paint tucked away in Ubi industrial estate.

The first thing that came to my mind when we decided to paint 2 walls on our own is - we must be crazy. For each coat of paint, it takes 4 hours to dry and either paint need about 3 coats. Also, we were totally noobs. We didn't listen to the instructions clearly and ended up using more paint than we needed and burning a hole in our pockets, these paint didn't come cheap. After putting the magnetic paint, we should have primed the wall once and then put the chalkboard paint on but I guess we were too 'excited' and 'anxious' and of course totally 'blur', because we made the mistake TWICE - on 2 WALLS! No wonder people hire the professionals but then again the professionals would've cost a bomb.

After which we wrote some family values we will like to uphold and part of our Chinese names down on scrabble tiles (because the Chinese characters use up less tiles). I was very happy that Nat was old enough to help with painting the backgound colour of some of the tiles.

diy magnetic & chalkboard wall

And we created a visual schedule of daily responsibilities for the family. I try not to call it a 'Chore chart' - sounds like such a torture so I tell Nat and Noe that we love the home, we care for the home together :) Nat loved using the polaroid to take the photos, we had such a blast!

diy magnetic & chalkboard wall

At the end of this whole project, I told the hubby that I wouldn't want to move house for another 5 years! Haaa.

Credits to the wonderful bloggers out there for the DIY scrabble tiles and visual schedule:

How to make Giant Scrabble Tile Table Numbers

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