At about the age of 2, Nat started doodling instead of random scribbling. I doodled a lot throughout my youth, especially on the sides of my textbooks and lecture notes, that was how I kept awake during class but somehow when I started working, I stopped.

And then when I saw Nat's doodles, I was so inspired by them, not that I thought he was talented in art or anything along those lines but they brought joy to him and myself. As Henry Miller once said:

"For me, the painting of children belong side by side with the works of the masters... The work of a child never fails to make appeal, to claim us, because it is always honest and sincere, always imbued with the magic, certitude born of the direct, spontaneous, approach."

It was Nat's doodles that sparked off the creativity in me.  So after some time of thinking through about what this inspiration should transpire into, I decided to make some of his doodles into cards/notebooks and will be selling them to inspire others to doodle and colour. They are simple cards for a quiet time of joy and rest. Cards which you can give to a friend. It has been a long time we have 'made' a card for someone, haven't we? And if you've always been wanting to doodle regularly, you can start off with a small notebook. To find out more about the cards/notebook and how to purchase them, you can click COLOUR ME.

This is a one of the cards that I coloured in and doodled a little on. It's a depiction of myself. I call it "The Blue Frankenstein", haha. How about you? How do you see yourself or another person in your life?

PS. This little project of mine is just to spark off some art inspiration in our lives and is not for profit. All proceeds will go to charity :)