I'm currently selling some cards/notebooks designed from Nat's doodles. They're available here at COLOUR ME. The cards hope to inspire you to colour and doodle. All proceeds go to charity :) 

 “Art washes away from the soul the dusts of everyday life” – Pablo Picasso

Where do I find the time to colour and doodle? I'm not a professional artist and I'm not seeking to be one. My doodles are simple and in that short 30 minutes it does wonders - the process gives me rest that refreshes and it gives me joy that uplifts. 

Here is one of the cards Nat designed, which I coloured and doodled on. I call it "Be true to your heart". Simply because there are so many voices out there, so much information to digest and so many choices available. That's my life motto now.

Have you tried colouring and doodling? Perhaps it's time to slow down a little, to discover something new about yourself or just to ventilate something that's bugging you for a long time :)