I've many aches and pains and if my mother knew about them, she would definitely say, "I told you so." Yes mummy, you did tell me but I totally ignored the nagging and the advice.  I believe most of the aches and pains were from improper care of injuries that I've gotten when I was a teen. I was young, ignorant and thought I was invincible (as do all teenagers think so).

One of my new year resolution, was to get my health and fitness back in shape. I started going for weekly Pilates but know so well that it is not enough but the flesh is so weak in exercising more than once a week. 

My mother recently called me and said this to me out of the blue: 

Do you know why I'm still quite healthy? It is because when I was bringing you all up, I used to exercise everyday. There was this national exercise programme on television and I followed it. I can't remember what is the name of the programme... Everyday we have to exercise even if it's just 15 minutes, and we have to walk a lot.  

Yes, my mother loves to walk and she walks lightning fast, faster than my normal pace of walking. I do vaguely have memories of her hopping up and down on the spot, doing some jumping jacks and swinging her arms. As to the national exercise programme, I've no idea. 

And yes mummy, I am trying to get my butt off the couch to exercise.