When God gave Abraham the promise that he will have many children, He didn't just tell him, He also showed him a picture: to look at the stars in the sky and he would 'see' all his children. 

There are many ways to connect with God. One main way is listening to His word through reading, through listening to sermons or songs, or even listening to His voice personally. But I feel there's one way that we are lacking in - seeing. 

Recently I read a book, "The Art Spirit", by Robert Henri. Here's an excerpt from the book that inspired me: 

I heard another student spoke of as "one who saw colour beautifully"... So one has not only to see colour but he must see it beautifully, meaningfully, constructively! - as a factor in the making of something, a concept, something that is not exactly that thing before him which the school has said he should copy." 

This year I'm challenging myself to not only listen to His word but also to see Him - to see Him as a person, to see His word in my life , to see His creation in the world beautifully, meaningfully, constructively - looking beyond the surface, discovering the process and embracing the journey. And at the end of it all, to keep these pictures I've collected in my heart. 

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