My eldest started Primary 1 this year. As an avid user of social media, I've been bombarded by countless articles about effective education strategies, primary school transition, opinions about enrichment programmes, enrichment programmes, habits of a good student, and the list goes on and on. I'm usually very selective of the things that I read but just scanning through the titles in my feed gives me stress. And then my husband tells me to join the Parents' chat group. Just 2 weeks into the chat group, parents were constantly asking if there was homework almost everyday, and many administrative concerns. 

The funny thing is that checking on his homework was the last thing on my mind. My number one concern was: is he going to cry? And then I worried about his snack time and late lunches. I was getting worried if he was making friends or if he was alone all the time or he was going to get bullied. Heck the homework, I was more worried about him adjusting to a large class size and to the class activities. My son's number 1 concern? He expressed much disappointment almost everyday about raising his hand to answer questions, to be the class monitor, to be the subject representative but the teacher did not choose him. He also asked me why couldn't they just take turns to be the leader. He even rationalised that it was okay that he didn't get chosen, or get a 'star' for answering a question, because at least he didn't get disciplined for misbehaving. 

My heart ached slightly when I had to explain to him the 'workings' and 'culture' of a primary school. And I encouraged him to try his best in whatever circumstances. I felt sad about how his enthusiasm for learning and leadership was getting dampened so quickly just in the first 2 weeks of school. The most logical response I guess nowadays is to give feedback or 'complain' to the teacher, so as to stand up for one's rights or to try to make a change in the system. WX and I decided that some battles are for fighting while some are not. 

During a devotion, I was reminded that "The Kingdom of God is within you". Yes, the Kingdom of God is in my dear son. It's the start of us letting go gradually, not getting distracted by all that's happening around and letting God mould him in his primary school life. My prayer for him is that he sees the abundance in himself because of Jesus and he experiences the abundance as he transits to primary school. That his confidence comes from God and his wanting to do his best is for Jesus. This is my hope for my children. 

the kingdom of God is within you