I look for simple practical bags. I need one then I'll get one. Recently I started going for Pilates and I needed a bag that I could just put a towel, keys, handphone, water bottle and umbrella. Every single bag I had was just too big so I decided to make one. It didn't have to be glamourous, I just needed it to put all those things in and Pilates is just a 10 minutes walk from home to the nearby community centre. And the pile of old t-shirt was starting to glare at me again. A quick Google search on how to make a totebag from a t-shirt from Mommypotamus got me a bag of just the right size that I needed :)

diy tote bag

I really love t-shirt material, it's so versatile! If you will like more t-shirt inspiration, check out my other posts under Addicted to T-shirts.